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The wiki for all things created by the members of Ludosity! Information about Ittle Dew, Princess Remedy, Card City Nights, and Ludosity's various other games big or small can be found here.

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Retail games Edit

Below is a table displaying most of Ludosity's retail games. These are games that are or were once available for purchase across various platforms. A few may have a version that is available for free. For more information please refer to their page.

Retail Games
Series SlapCity-sharedassets0.assets-150
CCN2 Logo
Series Psycard-sharedassets0.assets-157
Series CCN-sharedassets0.assets-270
Series IttleDew-sharedassets0.assets-243
Series GGC-sharedassets0.assets-94
Series Bob-sharedassets0.assets-251
Series MURI-sharedassets0.assets-183
Series HealthyWeapon-sharedassets0.assets-83
Bunibon Logo-1
Series MamaSon-sharedassets0.assets-186
Series QuestForge-sharedassets0.assets-230
Lean Bicycle Logo-0

Freeware Games Edit

The following are titles that are currently free for download and distribution among friends. For a full list of Ludosity's freeware games please refer to the Freeware Games page.

Freeware Games
Series PrincessRemedy-sharedassets0.assets-26
HPP Logo
MFA Logo
Series SpaceHunk-sharedassets0.assets-61
Series GunnelVision-sharedassets0.assets-123
Series Iji-sharedassets0.assets-148


Series Hero-sharedassets0.assets-215
Series Jam-sharedassets0.assets-185

Ports/Other Edit

The following are titles that Ludosity had a hand in. They may not be the actual creators or owners, were hired to port for a particular platform or may no longer technically own the rights or were taken down from their respective platforms due to services no longer being available

Boulder dash logo
Magika logo
RAM Logo
Scrolls Logo-0
Series Ninja-sharedassets0.assets-163
Series MamaSon-sharedassets0.assets-186

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